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tonight all-star scandal. major league baseball sends word it's about to suspend some of the its biggest stars. will the biggest name of all, alex rodriguez get hit with a lifetime ban. secrets revealed. tonight the new revelations about the sensitive spy program. how much can the government learn about you from your phone calls and e-mails. hidden america, the death of "glee's" cory monteith uncovering shocking news about a killer drug soaring in popularity. consumer alert, the vanishing grave yard of cars, casualties of hurricane sandy now out for sale everywhere. how can you spot one before you buy it.
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>> good evening. america's favorite past-time is about to be rocked. abc news has learned that major league baseball officials have given the players' union a blacklist, the players it intends to punish for using performance-enhancing drugs. it includes some of the game's super stars. right at the top, alex rodriguez of the yankees, the highest paid player in baseball history. tonight the targeted players are being advised about their rights and their options as the league announced suspensions that will make history and shake the game. abc's paula faris is here. these suspensions could come right away. >> abc news has learned any moment now one of the biggest crack downs in baseball could hit. today all eyes were on the highest paid player in the game's history. facing a possible lifetime ban, alex rodriguez dodged questions as he drove off in his near half million dollar car.
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moments earlier, continuing his rehab stint at the yankees training facility in tampa, hoping to get back on the field this year. but there's a chance he won't return this season, if ever. in what could be the biggest bust in major league baseball history, reportedly 20 players have been implicated for using performance enhancing drugs. and getting those drugs from the biogen cyst clinic in florida. >> baseball is trying to drop the hammer as hard as it can. >> reporter: former league mvp ryan braun was the first to fall, accepting a 65 game suspension, but a-rod at the center. arguably the biggest star with the biggest salary. that bat, earning him $28 million this season. while major league baseball reportedly claims to have enough evidence to impose a lifetime ban, the question now, is will they try to. it would be one of the heaviest penalties since pete rose was banned 24 years ago for betting
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on his own team. >> as you can imagine, this is a very sad day. >> rodriguez hasn't played since october of last season due to an injury. his fate could rest in the hands of baseball commissioner, bud selig who according to some experts will attempt to take him off the field this season one way or another. >> major league baseball is going to try to ban alex rodriguez for life, but if they do, they know they're going to get an incredible fight with the union. >> reporter: most of the players involved in this investigation expected to accept their suspensions, but a-rod's legal team has repeatedly said it will appeal. >> we believe that we have good, solid and strong defenses for alex, and we intend to present them when the time comes. >> baseball insiders that i spoke with believe that no one stands to benefit more from a lifetime ban than the yankees. they're on the hook to pay rodriguez $100 million, a lot of
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money for a 38-year-old who has undergone multiple hip surgeries and according to experts, george, may not have much of a career left. >> everybody scrambling right now. we move now to a revelation today that is sparking outrage. what if every google search, every e-mail, every phone call could be tracked, heard and read by government bureaucrats without a warrant. today a new leak from fugitive edward snowden claims the u.s. spy agencies have that power. abc's chief global correspondent reports from washington. good even. >> reporter: this was a day the white house was trying to show transparency, declassifying documents about once secret nsa spying. that was immediately trumped by even more revelations of spying and an uncomfortable moment for the head of the national security agency. while national security secrets were leaking all over washington, general keith alexander was at a las vegas hackers convention facing down hecklers.
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>> we stand for freedom. >> reporter: the heckler took issue with that statement but the director fired back, saying congressional investigators have found no illegal activity by the nsa. >> that's not bull. those are facts. >> reporter: but today brought another blockbuster revelation, a still top secret nsa program leaked by edward snowden to a british newspaper that it says allows u.s. analysts to snoop on, quote, nearly everything a user does on the internet in real time. the guardian story provides a 32-page training guide, showing how the so called x key score program works, sucking up data from 150 sites around the world that can show phone calls, e-mails being written, sites being visited, words being searched. snowden discussed the surveillance program when his story erupted last month. >> i sitting at my desk certainly have the authorities to wire tap anyone.
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>> reporter: it was a story that brought vehement denials. >> i think he was lying. >> it wouldn't just surprise me, it would shock me. >> reporter: we spoke to the reporter who broke the story today from brazil. >> one of the problems with allowing an agency to engage in these extraordinary activities is that they're able to say whatever it is they want about what they're doing with no accountability. >> reporter: today the nsa actually acknowledged this so called x key score program, calling it lawful and the head of the house intelligence committee said the program does not target americans, george? now to new trouble for anthony weiner, refusing to quit his campaign for mayor of new york despite new and embarrassing outbursts from his team. today a new move from his wife, a close aid to hillary clinton. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila has the latest. >> reporter: anthony weiner brushing by reporters this morning, letting his campaign ad speak for him. >> quit isn't the way we roll in
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new york city. >> reporter: his wedding picture strategically behind him as weiner again vows to stay in. >> we fight through tough things. we are a tough city. >> reporter: some of that toughness on embarrassing display from weiner's young press aid as she lashed out profanely at a former intern who penned a tell all front page story claiming the weiner campaign is amateurish. the aid, barbara morgan firing back, calling the intern a fame hungry expletive, terrible at her job and much worse. today apologizing on twitter. not my best day yesterday, should have known better, been better, got to pay up. >> is barbara morgan still working for you, anthony? >> you bet. >> huma is reportedly taking time off from that job but has not reemerged on the campaign trail. today the man who ran bill clinton's presidential campaign became their cloeest ally to
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publicly urge weiner to quit. >> if i were him would i get out, yes. if i was working his campaign i would say i can't take this anymore and resign, yes. >> reporter: james carville tells abc news hillary clinton feels more personal pain than political damage. >> i know she doesn't feel good for her friend. >> reporter: the clinton's themselves preferring surrogates to deliver the political hammer. jim avila, abc news, washington. we go overseas to france. the riviera where it happened again. another brazen robbery in the glamorous city of cannes, fast becoming the heist capital of the world. 72 hours ago thieves made off with $136 million in diamonds and jewels. tonight a new target, a new hit just half a mile away. >> reporter: cannes, home to europe's most celebrity packed film festival, is in the midst of a crime wave. wednesday, two men, one with an automatic pistol, one with a grenade, walked into this high-end jewelry store and walked out with 40 watches.
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it's the second heist this week. on sunday, a lone gunman waltzed into this hotel and made off with a whopping $136 million in diamonds. they both happened half a mile apart on the same street, the exclusive promenade de la croisette, and both happened around the same time of day. >> cannes is an easy target because they have poor security. the security guards are unarmed. a lot of wealthy people buying high dollar items an easy access to other countries. >> reporter: former jewel thief larry lawton says if the robbers do it the way he used to do it, the goods are already sold. >> the piece that came in, whether it was a watch and had a marker on it, would be out of my possession within 24 hours. >> reporter: the recent crimes have many wondering why haven't they beefed up security. well, the city of cannes normally only has 20 police officers on duty during the day. the chief of police is doubling that number tonight. george?
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>> no question they had to do that. and it was a headline hard to miss. o.j. simpson granted parole. he's been behind bars these past five years serving time for kidnapping and robbery. today's victory will not set him free. simpson, 66, will spend four more years on prison on other charges related to his conviction in 2008. in his defense simpson made the case that he is a model prisoner and a mentor to fellow inmates. now to tonight's hidden america where we shine a light on overlooked problems. the death of cory monteith drew our attention to that killer drug. what we found was scary and startling. the number of americans using heroin has doubled over the last decade. byron pitts shows the problem in unlikely places. ♪ living in a lonely world >> reporter: cory monteith. the clean cut star of the hit tv show, "glee," shocked his fans earlier this month when he died
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from a heroin overdose. but he is now the new face of the next generation of heroin users. a growing group found mostly in of all places suburbia. police lieutenant thomas dombrowski drove use through bergen county, new jersey, where a recent spike in heroin deaths sparked concern. >> every part of bergen county is touched in some way shape or form by the heroin epidemic. >> reporter: 28 overdoses last year, most of the victims under the age of 22. what parents may not know, the gateway drug could already be in their medicine cabinets. it was for 23-year-old dylan young. >> i started using prescription painkillers that my father had and it went from there. >> reporter: at 13 he was smoking pot and drinking, then stealing those pills from his parents, which led to smoking heroin. >> it's much, much cheaper than smoking.
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30 milt milligram, $30. oxycot oxycoton, $80. >> a lot of addicts are missing something. >> reporter: he ended up in rehab six times. >> when you are in that situation you usually don't see hope or a life ahead of you. you just see your next fix. >> reporter: most agree intervention and treatment are key, but there is a bitter irony that goes with rehab. just like monteith, many heroin addicts die when they start using again right after leaving treatment. >> most people come back from rehab and get high for the first time and that high is what kills them. >> reporter: dylan has been clean for three years. he knows heroin is a dark dead end. more and more young people enter and never leave. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> good luck to him. still ahead an "world news,"
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on the road again, fleets of cars flooded by hurricane sandy now for sale. where did they go and are they accidents waiting to happen, how to spot one before you buy one. and back in the spotlight. never before seen video of a true hollywood icon in the prime of her life. a rare look at vintage marilyn monroe. monroe.
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we all know that buyer beware is the first rule when shopping for a used car. in the wake of hurricane sandy there's a growing chance that car up for sale has been flooded. the prices are low but those
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cars may be too dangerous to drive. abc's bill weir found some people still willing to sell those cars despite the risk. >> reporter: just look at 'em all. flood cars as far as the eyes can see, filling the runways of an abandoned airport after super storm sandy and each one a potential highway hazard. >> flood cars literally rot from the inside out. days, weeks or months down the road parts are going to fail. >> reporter: which makes it worrisome when you see that packed runway empty and this demonstration by the folks at used car tracker car fax. they make it look brand new after a five hour makeover and they estimate 100,000 sandy battered cars are now back on the road. this should have been sold for parts but we found it up for sale on this lot for $20,000. to investigate how, we bought it and held a reunion with former owner, mike kennedy.
5:47 pm
>> she was under water for two days. >> reporter: he watched sea water swallow his truck. >> i had tools in the glove box. believe it or not, the tools are still here. they are no longer functional because that was rusted shut. that water was up to here. the front seats don't work. i can't imagine what else doesn't work. >> reporter: these guys will. they're jersey shore mechanics. they know a flood vehicle when they see one. >> that's definitely water driven, no doubt about it. that's like fine silt. this thing might catch fire. >> if an air bag blows up on you you could crash. >> would you put your family in that? >> absolutely not, in a million years. i wouldn't even drive this truck out of here. >> reporter: that truck was sold with a clean title so we took her down to the gates of a major insurance company to find out why but the lesson here is it may cost a few bucks up front to have a mechanic look at a used car before you buy it but it
5:48 pm
could save you a lot of headaches down the road. >> you can see more of bill's story tonight on abc's "the lookout" beginning at 10:00 eastern. when we come back, freddie mercury and bowie, one of the most famous duets in history. there could be a follow-up soon. i swim in the ocean. d shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?" the pain level was so high, it became unbearable.
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panda watch at the national zoo. scientists say this giant panda may be pregnant. she's been building a nest, is sensitive to noise and her hormone levels are high. no word on whether she's craving pickles and ice cream. the zoo has closed part of the panda exhibit so she can have some privacy. marilyn monroe as you've never seen her before. there she is charming our troops in korea. during the war she interrupted her honeymoon to joe dimaggio to make the trip. just 28, at the height of her career. serenading the soldiers, signing autographs but roughing it in combat boots and shivering in the cold. a glamorous time capsule auctions off next month. speaking of time capsules. back in the 1980s two legends, michael jackson and freddie mercury met at jackson's home for a secret recording session when jackson was riding high after "thriller." those duets were never released.
5:52 pm
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finally tonight an unstoppable spirit, a man who is truly the engineer of his own success from learning how to brush his teeth to designing the fastest cars on the planet despite a handicap he's had since birth. from our sister network espn, john donvan looks at how one man is tougher than a turbo-charged engine is america strong. >> reporter: he's been going all his life, because he's figured out what a shoulder can do. what a foot can do. what a chin can do -- to get him on the road. and though he's a safe a driver as there is -- it's as if richie parker has never seen a stop sign.
5:56 pm
>> i don't know that there's a whole lot in life period that i could say that i can't do. just things that i haven't done yet. >> reporter: like how he makes his living. an engineer designing high performance cars. the ideas that come from his head -- then play out at racing high speed on the nascar circuit. he's on the team at hendrick motor sports, the most winning designer in nascar. we sat down and he showed me how he works on the computer. how he does his design work. i write with my right hand, you might write with your left hand. he happens to write with his feet. who would have guessed when he was born back in 1983 in beaufort, south carolina. >> you know he was the cutest little boy. >> reporter: the doctor pulled his dad aside. >> he said the baby did not have arms. and i just was sort of dumbfounded, like, what do you mean? >> reporter: it meant engineering solutions. as his mom said -- >> we wanted his childhood to be as close to any other child's
5:57 pm
childhood as possible, that has always been our attitude, we are going to make it work. >> reporter: where it turned out, richie himself was chief engineer. watch richie the kid, back then, figure out how to open the refrigerator. or, long before learning to drive, how to get going on a bike, that his dad rigged with extra long handle bars. or, nowadays, how to have a meal using the classic handheld device, the spoon. so yeah, speed bumps sometimes but no stop signs. >> i had two parents that from day one tried to make it so my life was, i guess you could say, as normal as possible, whatever normal is. >> reporter: well, really, this is better than normal. this is american strong. >> we can't wait to see what richie does next. that's all for us. thanks for watching. diane is back here tomorrow night and i'll see you in the morning on "gma."
5:58 pm
contentious talks between bart manment and unions transit agencies brace for a second possible strike. >> also, why friends felt compelled to nurn a man for an attack on a woman caught on camera. >> only on abc 7 news a
5:59 pm
special tribute to first responder that's zblumpd action after the asiana crash at sfo. >> searching for signs of climate change on shore line the creature that could provide big answers. >> we're getting a look inside of the plant where cruise are working to fix ht new span of the bay bridge. >> the opening is delayed but caltrans hoping to patch work its solution to the broken problem that will do the trick. good evening, everyone. >> and i'm dan ashley. caltrans insisted this fix will make it as solid and safe as the initial design. >> we're live with the story. heather inside of that 35,000 square foot shop, steel saddles are being made to help reenforce broken bolts on the
6:00 pm
new bay bridge this, model shows the saddles in purple, on top of the concrete. the saddles made of layers of three-inch steel plates arriving flat. they're rolled, molded and cooked at 1200 degrees for 30 hours, cooled then grooves cut into them with different machines and that is where cables will thread through and then, wrap around the concrete encasing bad bolts. work began here about three weeks ago. there are 12 in all that have to be fabricated, then, layered with other pieces in this multi step process. original date has been delayed

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